3 Minute Trailer from Chuck Schultz on Vimeo.

“You look at all the other farms out there is that you pass by and you wonder, if they’re a family farm and there is no family to pass it on to, what is going to happen to it?”

“The work we’ve done on this farm important enough that it’s actually more important that – that work continue than that our children inherit the land. They’d have to be here being farmers.”

Left to Right: Annie & Jeff, Main

  • Preserving farmland for farmers – Part 3

    Preserving farms affordably for the next generation.

    Working landscapes need working people. Simple. But eighty percent of the nation’s agricultural land is held by non-farming landowners.

    Meanwhile, our farmers and ranchers are not spring chickens: In California, there are 9 farmers over the age of 65 for every one under 35 years old!

    The American Farmland Trust reported ...